Power Yoga

power yoga
power yoga
Power Yoga


You Will Get :
6 Asana (Exercise Poses)
3 Breathing exercises
1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
Diet guidelines.

Product Description

Power Yoga is a term which describes vigorous physical activities involving a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and usually they are short spells of continuous, repeated actions, with guided breathing and concentration on movements. In Group Power Yoga, there is always a competitive spirit in a friendly atmosphere. So the output is more beneficial in group work or performances. Power Yoga is a constant practice of postures, focusing the mind on one thought that you have to continue the sequence, as directed by the teacher, up to the finishing point, as long as the sequence continue. In this way endurance as well as physical & mental strength will increase gradually day by day.

The best known benefit of Power Yoga is increased flexibility, an attribute we naturally loose as we age. Since yoga poses involve supporting body weight, it increases muscle strength and bone density. As we age, our balancing power deteriorates . This is another area in which we gain immensely, through regular power yoga practices. In certain parts of the world, the brave elderly men and women, with the mind set of keeping youthful, practice power yoga as they progress towards middle age and eventual maturity.

Power Yoga increases vital core strength and the lung capacity to take in plenty of oxygen. Since the poses are held for considerable times, endurance increases. People with back pain or pain in other parts of the body find relief with power yoga.

However it is always strongly advised that before venturing out, take advice of your own doctor, particularly if there is any health condition.

In addition to various physical benefits the young and elderly find that yoga reduces stress. By doing so, it promotes sound sleep, improves sex life and prolongs the happiness of an active and joyful life.


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