Solution to Colitis

solution to colitis
Solution to Colitis


You Will Get :
  • 9 Asana (Exercise Poses)
  • 4 Breathing exercises
  • 1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
  • Diet guidelines.

Product Description

Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that commonly results in frequent diarrhea containing blood and mucous. Sufferers often get a frequent urge to have a bowel movement, loss of appetite and an extreme tiredness. Yoga does not claim an instant cure like some medicines do but one thing is sure that a special routine of yoga/ meditation is capable of reducing the stress and strain of a prolonged condition of colitis. The posture for sufferer of colitis mainly center around the middle part of the body which is most effected. The twists and bends messages the abdominal organs. The stretching and bending of arms and legs helps in reducing tension. Deep breathing or pranayama helps in diverting the mind while the general health starts to mend. Muladhara chakra meditation which addresses the lower abdominal area is most important as it aims to clear energy blockages that triggers of malfunctioning of body parts. For complete cure one needs proper diagnosis and then start to eat healthy food. Colitis means inflammation of the colon or large intestine. It often leads to chronic ulcerative colitis. A sufferer of colitis should include a generous amount of food containing anti-inflammatory compounds. Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, sardines or Herrings are some of the fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid and should be part of regular diet. Plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruits and herbs should also be part of the diet. Ginger, turmeric and aloe-vera have magical properties in reducing inflammation and in turn pain. Just a word of caution that if any of the above mention food that disagree with your constitution, then stop taking them and consult your physician. Avoid oily spicy food.

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