Solution to Piles

Solution to Piles
piles yoga
Solution to Piles


You Will Get :
9 Asana (Exercise Poses)
3 Breathing exercises
1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
Diet guidelines.

Product Description

A piles is a condition when the veins around the anal canal become swollen and inflamed. Though not always life threatening it can cause pain and troublesome bleeding. It has been proved that along with the established treatment for piles, if the sufferer practices yoga/meditation on a regular basis then healing and recovery will be faster. The root cause of piles is enlarged blood vessels in the rectal area.
The yoga postures and meditation (Preventive Yoga) that results in relaxing tension in muscles and veins are beneficial for the sufferer, because piles are caused due to improper circulation of blood in the veins causing blockage and rapture of veins in anal area. Chronic constipation often results in piles. Removal of toxin from the body by being on a healthy diet and doing regular yoga/meditation goes a long way to cure piles. The effective yoga postures and meditation.


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