Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners
Yoga for Beginners


The yoga postures/meditation lesson in this program will give you the tools to use in your daily life which will help you to acquire plenty of benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and even financially as you will feel at peace with all troubling issues and your creative enthusiasm will be boosted.
You Will Get :
12 Asana (Exercise Poses)
6 Breathing exercises
1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
Diet guidelines.

Product Description

Are you new to Yoga ?
If you have not started with yoga-meditation now is the time to begin. This is the chance and place to start.Yoga for beginners has great selection of postures and meditation routines for beginners.
Take a look at our Beginners Program, made up by different yogic techniques, leading up to a full length yoga teaching, which gives you a step by step guide.
YOGA FOR BEGINNERS, is based on posture research and mathematical calculation of breathing techniques and mindful meditation to improve the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life.
Follow the instructions at least three days a week so that you can stay healthy, fit and happy.
Our course will enhance your well being within the first few days of practice. Practice as much as you can comfortably do. As you complete your course, don’t be in a great hurry to get up. It is a good idea – to lie down at savasana for few minutes and count down from 10 to 0 with closed eyes – as it helps to cool down the body.
Here are some tips to start the Beginners Yoga:
1. Choose a comfortable place for your yoga practice.
2. Conventionally yoga mats are used, when doing difficult postures you can also use a pillow or a blanket to stay safe and to prevent injury.
3. Follow instructions in our yoga sequence in accordance with your own capability such as – stretch as much as you can and then a little more, you will be amazed how quickly your flexibility and balance will improve.
4. Smile and keep determination as you practice the course, do not forget that positive thinking helps in getting the desired result sooner, you will enjoy the practice as you get used to.
5. Practice with a reasonably empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal.
Generally, people have the habit of saying I have no time to do yoga because I am busy every minute of the day. You may not realize what you are missing by not doing or starting to do yoga meditation. It is advisable that you begin doing few simple postures(asanas) and a few minutes of breathing exercise and meditation. Gradually move on to the complete routine given in the video. Both mind and body have an inborn tendency to remain fit, yoga meditation provides the tools for fulfilling this.Yoga/meditation is not just a set of exercises. Yoga postures bring strength to weak areas of the body and softens the tight spots. Mind full stretching of the body stretches the mind as well.
A wide spread mental block for a beginner is the belief that they are not flexible enough for yoga. The advanced practitioner makes the action look effortless. The pictures in the book or videos in you tubes are meant to inspire you not to discourage you. The subjects there have years of practice behind them. When you decide to begin yoga practice, you just start from where you are. The fact that you took the decision, will in the long run prove to be immensely beneficial. It is perfectly all right to start clumsily, grace and agility is bound to come with regular practice. Until then take care of your body’s limit and do not force your limbs or muscles. Correct your breathing rhythms and gradually advance with progression of your physical and mental capacity.Beginners yoga is a unique video series of simple yoga postures and meditation specially assembled by an experienced yoga trainer.

  • In the modern craze of yoga for health, this program will give you a gentle introduction to daily beneficial practices.
  • We named this program ”Beginners yoga” because the basic steps and movements are simple to follow and easy for complete newbie to perform. That doesn’t mean that if you have done yoga practice already this program will not give you any value.
  • After the initial warm up there are steps of deep breathing or pranayama which will increase oxygen supply to your blood and detoxify the entire body system.
  • If you are obese you will lose weight. If you are stressed, your stress will start melting away. Your concentration and memory will improve. You will be energized and feel all round well being. Your wisdom and intuitive perception will excel. As you get serious about yoga practice your physical, mental and spiritual well being will bring happiness and elation.
  • Start doing yoga from an early age for strong muscles, healthy heart, stress free mind, slim body and extended life. You will not have to worrie about diabetes, arthritis, spondilities, thyroidism, asthma, acidity, stroke and so many other painful and fatal affilictions.


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