Yoga for Insomnia

yoga for insomnia
insomnia yoga
Yoga for Insomnia


Our Video Program includes :
6 Asana (Exercise Poses)
7 Breathing exercises
2 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
Diet guidelines.

Product Description

Insomnia is sleep difficulty. It could be difficulty in falling asleep, continuing to sleep or even when asleep, the sleep is not restful. Various factors can cause insomnia such as – fear, stress and anxiety, hormone imbalance, financial difficulty, bereavement, lack of fitness, drugs, flashback of traumatic experience, loneliness and depression.

Extreme effect of insomnia can be long lasting and danger to health. It can cause low performance , anxiety disorder, poor immune function and risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

A quick and undesirable remedy is sleeping tablets and sedatives on prescriptions. They should not be used for long as they tend to be addictive and often cause side effect.
The right way to deal with the problem is to identify the root cause and then eliminate the cause if possible.
Yoga therapy has great benefit for insomnia. It brings relaxation and positive fleeing. Practice of yoga is safe as it causes no side effect. The various techniques of yoga practice(Preventive Yoga) have been proved to complete remedy to insomnia. The typical postures and meditations are serialized by an experienced yoga trainer.


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