Yoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation


You Will Get :
12 Breathing exercises
1 Meditation technique with full practice instructions
Mudra with demonstration
Diet guidelines.

Product Description

It is an unique process of breathing devices i.e. Pranayamas combined with various postures i.e. Asanas, Mudras & Mantras where Body Mind are fully involved with action. Our mind is always unstable and flexible. It cannot stay at a single place for long time. It can be found in our life – such as “I didn’t hear or I didn’t see you – because – I was unmindful” – though my eyes or ears were not closed. So, it can be realized that body & mind are related with each other. By Yoga/Meditation – the mind can be controlled for a few moment with the practice of these processes.
In chakra yoga, Yoga/Meditation is used to concentrate on seven different nerve junctions or nerve plexuses which are called as Chakras, such as –
i) Muladhara Chakra
ii) Svadisthan Chakra
iii) Manipura Chakra
iv) Anahata Chakra
v) Visuddha Chakra
vi) Ajna Chakra
vii) Sahasrar Chakra – in chronological order from bottom to top in vertebral column.
By stimulation of these nerve junctions with the practice of Yoga/ Meditation, we can strengthen and purify our whole body & thus maintain our mental and physical health by avoiding diseases.
So, Yoga/ Meditation is designed to empower the psychic channels i.e. Nadis through which Kundalini energy that is the serpent power which is lying ‘coiled’ at the base of the spine and Prana (Life-Force or Vital Energy) flow. The fundamental life energy of each individual is believed to reside in a quiet sleeping state at the base of the muladhara chakra. This energy is called kundalini meaning coiled up. Through the process of yoga/meditation, the channels or nadis are unblocked and the kundalini energy begins to move upwards. Kundalini energy is the basis of pure consciousness. Its rejuvenated state is responsible for various degrees of intellectual enlightenment of the practitioner, sparking off his spiritual enlightenment. Actually Nadi signifies a channel, allowing the passage of vital energy of Prana. Among the countless Nadis, there are three primary nadis (channels) for the flow of this energy. These three main nadis are situated along the spinal column. The IDA is on the left side, the Pingala is on the right side and the Sushumna is in the middle. Inhaling by the right nostril produces heat in the body and so considered as solar channel or Surya Nadi or Pingala Nadi and inhaling by the left nostril produces cold in the body and so considered as lunar channel or chandra nadi or IDA nadi. It is essential to balance the flow of energy between the IDA and Pingala channels which run alongside and intertwine the spine. The IDA Nadi is responsible for cooling, feminine, passive and mental energy, where the Pingala Nadi is responsible for hot, male, active and physical energy. When the energy flow through IDA and Pingala channels is harmonized, then Prana Shakti and Kundalini Shakti start to flow upwards through the Sushumna which is a hollow channel for upward flow of energy. This flow through the Sushumna Nadi activates and balances all the seven Chakras.
Yoga/ Meditation helps to stimulate these Nerve Plexuses or Nerve Junctions and maintain the whole body and mind healthy and strong.
Why Yoga/ Meditation will be used?
In Yoga Darshan – it is said that our body is formed by five elements, such as – Earth(KHYTI/PRITHVI), Water(APA/JALA), Fire(TEJA/AGNI), Air(MORUTH/VAYU), Space(BYOM/AKASH) and the “power” which controls these elements to form the body is called the “Electricity of life battery of human body” which is also known as “BIO ELECTRICITY” . At the time of conception this battery is installed in our body. By practicing meditation the nerve junctions are stimulated and the current flows through the nerves to the whole body. By causing the pranas and the elements to substantiate the central channel of chakras, bliss arises and the body becomes the source of enlightened awareness, in other words, human spirituality. The flow of current from this battery helps us to keep our body fit and healthy.
If we do meditation 20 minutes at a stretch, 3-4 times a week for at least minimum 1 month – we will discover that we have more energy to do our daily work and also our mind will be clearer, sharper and more focused. After practicing meditation, we will feel –
Soundness of body
Happiness in mind
Peace in mind
Benefits of Yoga/Meditation :
1) Improves the digestive system and abdominal strength and so helping elimination.
2) Releases the tension in the genital organ region, circulates oxygenated blood to thyroid, parathyroids, tonsil, pituitary glands, liver, kidneys etc and thus helps to improve Immune system of our body.
3)It protects from unseen forces i.e. negative thoughts, viruses, bad vibrations etc.
4) It releases beneficial chemicals throughout the mind and body that help to enhance the immune system, decrease depression, increase physical stamina and sex-power.

Learn to do yoga/meditation from Anindya, a leading yoga/meditation instructor of modern India, whose yoga routines are meaningful, simple procedures, uncomplicated and easy to understand. His techniques have mass appeal and his vast number of students all over the world, benefited from stress relief and prevention of diseases and betterment of health conditions. His authentic yoga and meditation routines which he teaches are not merely logical, they are convincingly beneficial to men and women of all ages.
The difference between Traditional Yoga and Anindya Yoga is that the renowned coaching master Anindya Das rationalized the yoga practices to fit into contemporary busy life style. Many sports people have benefited from Anindya Yoga and improved their achievements. It illustrates various postures that increases the strength and suppleness of muscles.
Anindya Yoga also lays down the foundation of basic yoga postures and movements, coupled with concentration, attention and relaxation.


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