Implications of body soul and mind

‘Body Soul & Mind’ is an inseparable entity and maintaining Fitness of Body Soul & Mind is mandatory for achieving the highest goal of one’s life.

We are fully aware of body and mind but where is the Soul? Some say soul is non-existent, others show no interest in knowing about the soul. So far a categorical denial of soul by science has pushed such discussion into the realm of philosophy and religion.

It is widely believed that there are two categories of soul. Individual Soul – Jivatma and the Supreme Soul – The Paramatma. The individual soul is an image or reflection of the supreme soul, just as the one Sun is reflected in multiple pools of water. In its untainted state, Soul is the ultimate indestructible reality. Science disputes Soul as alive. To science a living object is a complex mechanism, powered by electrochemical sparks and triggers, but physical energy has no consciousness. However amazing a machine the body may be, it is the presence of non physical conscious energy, in the form of Soul, which makes it function, the way it does..      Read More...

Meditative Movement- AN INFORMATIVE EBOOK

Higher self-esteem More positive outlook General sense of wellbeing Improved mental focus Calmer Mind Improved memory Improved Self esteem Alleviates depression, anxiety, irritability and mental imbalance Alleviates somatic symptoms caused by mental distress Builds brain connections that support quick decision making Improves learning capacity Promotes general wellness Improved strength, flexibility and muscular endurance Improved bone density AND joint health IMPROVED range of motion Improved balance and body awareness Asthma Heart Health Lower blood pressure AND improved blood circulation balanced insulin levels Significant reduction in chronic stress and associated conditions, like headaches, insomnia, Digestion, and overeating Improved Immunity

Self Healing Art Of Qigong
Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular in the western world with each passing year. Chinese medicine is expanding into the alternative treatments used in North America even more with qigong. This is one of the more popular forms of Chinese medicines besides acupuncture of course. Qigong literally has thousands of different forms and styles, all of which ending with the same great results once you are finished. Qigong is a form of meditation and physical exercises. These exercises are meant to attract active and vital sources of energy for your body and mind. Qigong is not only taking part in physical exercises but it has more to do with understanding your inner body and thoughts. Qigong seeks to make a connection between body and soul. Qigong is becoming so popular in the last few years that you can now teach yourself the Qigong techniques from your own home. You can do this with the many video tapes and books that are on the market today. Just like everything else, research is required before you purchase a self teaching type of this kind. You want to ensure that you are buying something that is authentic and can teach you the proper techniques. Of course, learning something like Qigong is something that is better learned in person. This way you can learn how to act out these techniques flawlessly and learn from a Qigong expert in person. This makes your learning experience that much easier and enjoyable. Sometimes trying to learn on your own can be more difficult than learning with a qualified instructor. Depending on your learning trends, either is effective for you. Qigong is the art of healing by using the power of your peace of mind. Qigong can be used for many different reasons, the most popular being the healing and reducing of stress and illness. So many people do not realize that just by understanding yourself and relieving your mind of all the troubles that it has can in fact have a lot to do with the disease that you are suffering from. Qigong is the absolute best method for self healing. No matter what ails you, qigong can cure you. Meaning that you will experience less diseases in the future and need less medical care. Qigong is about healing your body, mind and spirit. This type of holistic healing is something that can last forever and effect the rest of your life in the most positive way possible. There are so many different types of qigong that you may have already used qigong and not been aware of it. For instance one of the most basic levels of qigong is something that most people do at least once a day. Just by sitting up straight in your chair, taking a deep breath and clearing your mind is the first step in a self healing process. Having a clear mind is the best way to begin any self healing process. The more advanced levels of course include meditation, stretching and much concentration. Anyone can take part in this amazing alternative method to self healing. Just by starting with clearing your mind, you are on the right track. Before beginning your new adventure with qigong, it is important to do as much research as you can so that you are familiar with the self healing ways that are used with this alternative method of healing. Whether you plan to teach yourself these self healing methods or you are going to find a great instructor, it is still important to do your research. Try out qigong and you will discover the amazing results that you will experience.

Meditative Movement is not necessarily limited to activities commonly described as exercise. Based on the definition provided, it can include activities more clearly associated with spiritual pursuits, including prayer, ecstatic dancing, and ritual observances in the Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Muslim traditions...
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