10 Never Heard Benefits of Brinjal

No one really knows the real benefits of brinjal. It seems that Kids are not generally brinjal lover, though in reality, brinjals are full of nutrition and taste. Even sometimes parents also do not care about this vegetable. When cooked in the right method with tasty spices and herbs, brinjal is not just a vegetable but a tasty vegetable oozing with vitality. Some benefits of brinjal are listed below:

1. Brinjal contains antioxidants and fiber which helps in detoxification and prevents colon cancer.
2. It controls blood pressure as it contains potassium and anthocyanin.
3. Its antioxidants keep artery in good condition and prevent a heart attack as it contains vitamin B6 and flavonoids.
4. It contains strong antioxidants named chlorogenic acid which helps in removing bad cholesterol.
5. It not only beneficial for cardiovascular problems but also beneficial for the brain. Phytonutrients, present in brinjal, keeps brain neuron cells healthy.
6. It contains vitamin C which fights against bacteria and infection.
7. Brinjal is a natural source of fiber which reduces appetite and helpful for weight loss.
8. As it contains water, it reduces skin dryness and protects skin cancer.
9. Brinjal keeps your skin soft and young and protects wrinkles.
10. Brinjal is low in carbohydrate and high in fiber. As its calorific value is also low, diabetes patients can also consume it.

So that now you are aware of the benefits of brinjal, we recommend you to try the following delicious brinjal recipes that will certainly make this vegetable an instant hit in your kitchen.

Baked Brinjal:

Ingredients: 2 Brinjal, 1 teaspoon mustard oil, a pinch of salt, coriander leaves, chili.
Procedure: Wash two brinjals properly, then cut each brinjal into two halves. Place them into a baking tray sprinkle oil and salt over the brinjal and bake for 15 minutes. Then garnish with coriander leaves and chili. Eat with rice or bread

Healthy Brinjal Snacks :
Ingredients: 2 Brinjal, olive oil, pinch of salt, pepper, black cumin seed, water, gram flour.
Procedure: Wash brinjals properly to remove pesticides. Cut into a slice and bring aside. Take a bowl, put gram flour and make a thin batter with water. Add salt, pepper and black cumin seed into the batter. Blend it to make a thin batter. Dip brinjal slices into the batter and deep fry until it becomes soft.
Eat it as a snack or with rice.