Causes of Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis


No one knows what actually are the causes of arthritis.The medical researchers are yet to find the exact cause and a reliable remedy for Arthritis. And in the meantime the medical practitioners are prescribing all sorts of medicines to dull the pain and to keep the patients happy with an elusive cure. There are many factors leading on to the multiple forms of the disease.


Determining the causes of arthritis can be difficult, because often several factors contribute to an individual developing this common problem.Some of the risk factors that can cause arthritis include:


Genetics : Exactly how much heredity or genetics contributes to the causes of arthritis is not well understood. However, there are likely genetic variations that can contribute to the cause of arthritis.


Age : Cartilage becomes more brittle with age and has less of a capacity to repair itself. As people grow older they are more likely to develop arthritis.


Weight : Because joint damage is partly dependent on the load the joint has to support, excess body weight can lead to arthritis. This is especially true of the hips and knees that can be worn quickly in heavier patients.


Previous Injury : Joint damage can cause irregularities in the normal smooth joint surface. Previous major injuries can be part of the cause of arthritis. An example of an injury leading to arthritis is a tibial plateau fracture, where the broken area of bone enters the cartilage of the knee joint.


Occupational Hazards : Workers in some specific occupations seem to have a higher risk of developing arthritis than other jobs. These are primarily high demand jobs such as assembly line workers and heavy construction which adds on to causes of arthritis.


Some High-Level Sports : It is difficult to determine how much sports participation contributes to development of arthritis. Certainly, sports participation can lead to joint injury and subsequent arthritis. However, the benefits of activity likely outweigh any risk of arthritis.


Illness or Infection : People who experience a joint infection (septic joint), multiple episodes of gout, or other medical conditions, can develop arthritis of the joint.


Causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis:


• Genetic Factor is the primary cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Recent study says certain genes linked to a protein called the Human Leukocyte Antigen can make Rheumatoid arthritis more of a risk.


• The immune response and inflammatory process is when the body’s white blood cells react to self proteins that are supposed to be in your body causing the cells to attack some parts of the body.


• Environmental Triggers are some human behaviors like smoking and consuming alcohol increase the auto immune system in the Rheumatoid arthritis patients.


• Obesity problem increases the risk of this disease which is extremely painful and can cause fatigue and depression.


• Age is yet another cause. As we know Rheumatoid arthritis can occur at any age from childhood to old age, onset usually begins between the ages of 30 – 50 years.


Causes of Osteoarthritis:


• Research proves gender plays a vital role in osteoarthritis. On the whole, more women than men develop the progressive symptoms of Osteoarthritis. More or less the same amount of each gender is affected by arthritis, until about age 55, but once you cross 55, females are more likely to have Osteoarthritis rather than men of the same age.


• Any major sports injury at a young age is like torn cartilage, dislocated joints and ligament injuries can become major cause for osteoarthritis at an elderly age.



• Body weight or obesity is the major cause for knee, lower back and hip joint arthritis. The additional stress causes your natural sponge or cartilage between the bones to wear out causing early inflammation and excess pain.


• Your job can be one major reason for your suffering from osteoarthritis. People who do a lot of physical labour or continuously work at desks without stretching are the early victims of osteoarthritis.


• Osteoarthritis is a hereditary or it simply tends to runs in the family especially when you are born with defective joints.



Causes of Gout:


• Gouty arthritis is caused due to the accumulation of uric acid crystals in and around the joint areas. Uric acid crystals are the byproduct chemical of metabolism. Uric acid is present in our body but with its elevated level in the bloodstream; hyperuricemia is formed and the joints and its tissues are affected causing inflammation, pain, tenderness and redness of the area.


• Gout is also caused due to obesity problem and it is genetic.


• Gout often causes in patients suffering from high blood pressure and Diabetes mellitus.


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