Childhood Arthritis

Child care for arthritis:
Children are not exceptional of this disease called arthritis. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is such a health problem; mainly there are three kind of JIA:
a) Polyarticular JIA
b) Oligoarticular JIA
c) Systemic onset JIA

Basically the reason of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is hereditary or other wise fundamental misbalance. The causes are quite similar with adults but good news is that children have no such fear as adult may face like permanent bone damage.

1) Inflammation in joint(s) and some times in eyes.
2) A high level of blood cells in blood.
3) Anaemia.
4) Rashes with long time fever.
5) Pain in joint(s)

In the case of taking care of children with arthritis the parents are advised to give them emotional support. And at the same time do the following tests-

1) Urine analysis.
2) Haemoglobin test
3) Antinuclear antibody test.
4) X-ray of the joint(s) having pain.

Other things should be take care of:
1) Healthy diet chart with all nutrient foods
2) Proper exercises.
3) Practice of good foods including fruits and baked vegetables.
4) Try to make them avoid fruits enriched with high protein because protein will break into uric acids which may form gout.