Detoxification of Body, Soul and Mind

Toxins are substances that are harmful for human body. These toxins comes to our body from different sources like air, water, food, different drug and many other things of our daily life. In modern world, it is not possible to keep away from these sources of toxins. We can not stop getting our body toxic but we can detoxify. So it is urgent to detoxify on a regular basis.
Detoxification programs are best remedy for today’s unhealthy lifestyle. Detoxification enhances energy production and is beneficial for slowing down the aging process and keeping away different diseases by removing waste products from the body. Another advantage of detoxification program is weight loss.
Our body has built in system to naturally ward off harmful substances. But today’s busy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits usually overburden our natural systems. As a result, body’s natural system struggles to remove toxins and sometimes fails. Through detoxification our body balance is restored.
Detoxification is a vital process for a healthy body. Colon helps in blood purification and elimination of waste products. If this organ becomes clogged with waste products, it fails to perform its function properly. Blood purification, body fluid retention and toxin elimination process gets disrupted. As a result our body cannot absorbs its required nutrients and puts on weight. Hence, different health complications begin.
Cleansing the colon and the liver usually fully relieves these clogs and permits our bodies to come back to optimum functioning. Researchers have found that when the level of poisons within the body rises, a lot of fat is accumulated or stored to guard the body. Weight gain may be a natural by-product of poison buildup. Removing the toxins from the body permits the body to unharnessed the surplus fat, leading to a natural weight loss.
Today’s stressful life, polluted environment, lack of exercise and proper sleep, unhealthy fried and junk foods, alcohol and different drug consumption leads to toxin accumulation. Detoxification can not be planned for a certain period only, it should be a regular process. There are several ways to remove harmful substances from the body. A healthy long term diet plan, yoga exercise and meditation are most effective. Eating several smoothies and juices clean liver and colon and enhances blood purification and fluid retention. Drinking plenty of water is also helps in this process.

Regular practice of yoga/meditation helps to remove body wastes through several ways like sweating, excretion and decreasing carbon-di-oxide level of every cell. Yoga/meditation increases oxygen supply to each cell and boosts immune system.