Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle

Lifestyle change is a demanding and challenging affair. It involves all aspects of our life. Proper Health and Lifestyle is very important in one’s life. We should begin with looking within and reflecting upon the quality of our life – our eating habits, our thinking process and our relationship with others. In the modern world we are all trying to get longer, happier, richer and healthier life. We are bombarded with books and advice on better and healthier life but in our heart we are left with the same nagging and frustrating question ” how do implement the information and where do I start from ? “. You must look at your life in its entirety don’t just change few items in your diet to try out things you heard from a friend or neighbor or read in a health advice book. You must understand and assimilate healthy habits in every moment of your life and every moment of each day. Cultivate nutritious eating, beneficial exercises, pleasant relationships and allow plenty of free time. Keep healthy balance of all your activities and see how everything fits into a bigger picture. People from developed and developing world seem to have more and more acute health problem mostly caused by lifestyle factor – poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and total lack of focus.
The celebrated writer Carmen Harra has rightly called three parts of the process, body, mind and soul – the trinity of health.
In order to drive your life style towards the betterment of your own-self and that of the rest of your family, you must start with full awareness of the mistakes of the past and see clearly what must change. Plenty of introspection and contemplation have to be done about improving the quality and purpose of life. A decision taken on a sudden impulse, tend not to be long lasting. An erratic switch to a fad diet, because you heard or read good review of it ,or on the spur decision to join a yoga class because it is now becoming fashionable to do yoga, will never count as lifestyle change.
We live in a society that is running fast. Coping with the urgent needs of the day, we find no time to stop and listen to the signals from within. When you wake up in the middle of the night, because you had a nightmare and you don’t know the source of it, your subconscious is telling you something is not right. This emphasizes the need for meditation and introspection. You have to learn and prepare yourself to listen to the signals from your own body and recognize them before it is too late.
To find balance we must pay attention to our emotional system and avoid being controlled by negative emotions. There are four major negative emotions – anger, hatred, fear and jealousy. We are constantly struggling with being in and out of these four emotional state.

Changing the habits of a lifetime is not easy. You know good health requires good food. May be you have tried on odd occasions to eat sensibly, but no matter how hard you tried you could not stick with it. It is likely you blamed yourself for it, feeling guilty, thinking it was your fault – your lack of willpower. That is not the case. It is universally accepted that it is merely impossible to break a rigid habit with willpower alone. you have to reprogram your mind. The basic psychological rule is, your imagination is far more powerful than your will. When you read the detailed menu in a restaurant you mentally taste them, you generate a vivid imagination of the wonderful flavor.

Ask yourself “what do I want concerning my body ?”. The most popular answer would be “to loose weight, or not to be so fat”. Generally you always get what you focus on. Yet in the above example you focused on what you don’t want. In order to emphasize not to be so fat. This tends to reinforce the image that obese people have of themselves as fat, which leaves them helpless, hopeless and unmotivated. When you redirect your focus on what you want, a slim, fit, healthy body, you are sending a clear message to your unconscious mind to move in that direction, which is your goal. By clarifying and vividly imagining exactly what you want, you are beginning the process of training your mind and body to work towards that goal. The more specific you are in your thinking process, the better it will work e.g. I will loose 2 stones in the next 4 months. We are not only what we eat but what we positively think and visualize as well. Surprisingly most overweight persons have self image that says they will always be fat. Thus it follows if you want to be slim, see yourself as slim. That will send a message to your brain that regulates your energy levels, your motivation and your metabolism. The corrected thought impulses hit your brain and in turn reinforce the programming you are prompting to your brain. This is a positive feedback system and every element of the system gets to feel good as you start loosing weight. Visualization is a powerful achiever. Repetition has always been a key to success. Repeated visualization create a neural pathway and each repetition reinforces it. Visualizing yourself as slim and healthy, signals to your unconscious mind to behave, feel and eat like a slim person. As your body gets lighter you will feel more sensitive, more energetic and more alive.

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