Preventive Yoga and Remedial Yoga are backed up by the beneficial effects and healing power of time tested practice of yoga meditation. Yoga meditation has the power of boosting human metabolism. It is the holistic practice that can promote better health and inner peace.


We have compiled an exclusive list of asanas, yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditations with clear indication of which group of practices are beneficial to which kind of disease, setting out their modes of performance and the benefits generated. This brand of Preventive Yoga is the most cost-effective and safe (as there is no side effect). Hence the patient has full control over the treatment. Depending on the extent of the disorder and the strength and weakness of the sufferer, the postures and procedures can be modified to make the recommended practices comfortable and easy. In general, yoga meditation have in store enormous benefits for physical aliments, mental disorder, psychological scourges, tension, depression and all kind of afflictions that keep bothering men/women during the entire course of lives.


The truth is that, we are born with a dormant healing power. When the organs of our body start dis-functioning due to energy imbalance or some other reason, diseases set in. So far we have identified and videoed programs around 30 diseases and more will be added as we go along. In the realm of yoga meditation, there is no vocabulary of terminal disease or incurable injury. As long as the individual is willing and capable of trying simple yoga exercises, breathing and concentration techniques, some physical and mental betterment is bound to occur.