Chakra Yoga With Mantras

You Will Get :
Complete 7 chakra yoga with mantras with full instruction.

Chakra Yoga With Mantras


You Will Get :
Complete 7 chakra yoga with mantras with full instruction.

Product Description

“Chakra Yoga With Mantras” is a unique series of videos, complete with appropriate chants and hand gestures (Hasta Mudras), collated by our experienced and highly qualified yoga trainer, Aninda Das. Full authenticity and accuracy have been maintained and you will find an explanation of every aspect of detailed videos given in the program.
The basic concepts of the seven Chakras require a mature understanding of metaphysical principles. All attempts have been made here to explain the so far known facts and implications, which modern science is keen to affirm. If you wish to improve you’re a general physical and mental condition, and broaden your knowledge from a holistic point of view, to lead a meaningful life, consisting of all three aspects – body, soul, and mind, then this program will undoubtedly give you the essential basis to build upon.
The word Meditation often elicits images too foreign and far removed from daily life. You may have preconceived cultural or spiritual notions about what meditation entails. While meditation in all its forms does have its root in certain physical and spiritual practices, it is increasingly being recommended by Western medical professionals, as research is bringing to light the multiple health benefits of regularly engaging in these forms of focussed relaxation, regardless of whether you choose to meditate for spiritual reasons or physical and mental health.

Our “I” or me-centric life is the main barrier to our intellectual development. Maybe you are lucky to be rich and good looking or have a good job, good car, good connection, yet do not engage your mind in self-cherishing. Instead of clinging to your destructive false ego, enlighten your intellect to make space for others in this awesome wide world.

Meditation gives deep rest to the mind and facilitates to connect to an inner source of energy. After meditation the mind becomes calm, concentration is sharp, clarity of perception is increased. All this brings about an unshakable inner strength, resulting in a vast improvement of communication skills and perks up all-around talent.

It is believed that there are seven chakras or centers of subtle life force. In Chakra meditation full instruction is given to guide the flow of prana or subtle energy from one chakra to the other. This meditation is soundly based, where a sound vibration is used in a specific way to give you complete relaxation and also keeps you alert. It helps the mind to stay in the present moment and let’s go all stress and tension.

Yoga signifies union, a connection between the individual and the universal self. Human mind always longed for something beyond his own body and mind. It was obvious that an individual existence consists of physical reality and an undeniable mental or spiritual reality. In an effort to break the barrier between the two, the chakra system evolved. The bioenergetic ladder of the seven chakras will take you to the inner depth of life. Study of chakras is a study of the architecture of the soul.

Learn to do “Chakra yoga with mantras” from our learned instructor and his team as they practice in the video. His routines are meaningful and procedures are simple, uncomplicated and easy to understand. His techniques have mass appeal and his vast number of students all over India and abroad, are benefitting from stress relief, prevention of disease and betterment of health conditions. The authentic “Chakra yoga with mantras” routines that he teaches is not just logical, they are convincingly beneficial to men and women of all ages. The difference between popularly performed yoga practices and Anindya’s rationalized yoga methods is that the latter easily fit into the contemporary busy lifestyle. Countless sports people have benefitted from his yoga routines, illustrating postures that increase the strength and suppleness of muscles and generates an overwhelming power of concentration.

Yoga means joining. In modern usage Yoga is said to be the process of uniting mind body and spirit. Yoga postures prepare the body for meditation by stretching, aligning and strengthening the relevant muscles and tissues. Some people mistakenly think that yoga is just a kind of physical exercise. But there is a lot more to it. The asana movements are meant to be gentle and graceful, requiring concentration and positive effort. After a yoga workout the body and mind is ready for meditation.
The life force in the muscles and the nervous system is rejuvenated by yoga routines and gets ready to capture the higher vibrational energy that originates from the metaphysical levels. The whole thing is a slow process, gathering momentum as it progresses. If you have not started with Yoga-Meditation, now is the time to begin. Anindyo’s Chakrayoga with Mantras, has some authentic and basic yoga postures, breathing methods and mindful meditation to improve the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your existence. It is easy to start a thing, then after a while lose interest and drift onto something else. So it is important to start with a proper mindset and determination. Yoga is proven to improve one’s mood, clear energy blocks and give an overall strength of body and peace of mind. Chakra Yoga is a stepping stone in a journey to understand who we truly are. Each asana with appropriate chants relaxes and rejuvenates a different part of the body. The process of repeated deep breathing and powerful exhaling gets rid of the toxins. Concentrated Chakra Meditation removes all energy blockages in the upward flow of Prana or life force. We must find a way to reach our own heart, our brain, our intuition, our own soul. They are not signposted. We have to begin at the lowest level, and work our way up. Do not wait for a painful wake up call. You can start Chakra Yoga-Meditation practice today.
Our Chakra Yoga with Mantra DVD is of good quality, user friendly and enjoyable. It will take you on a journey of self discovery, ending in deep relaxation. Ideally it is best to have a personal instructor to teach you on one to one basis. But that is not always possible. So the next best is to have a full recording, where an expert yoga teacher instructs what is to be done and how. You can play and replay as many times as it may take to understand what you are expected to do.

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