Stress reducing diet

A stressful situation arises when every aspect of human body is not working as it should. For example when the metabolic rhythm gets disrupted causing indigestion, the peace of mind also gets disrupted and tension starts to build. There are certain foods that are nutritionally better than others. It has been proved that by changing the lifestyle and food habits it is possible to reduce stress. Stress reducing diet is list of some items of food that are beneficial to reduce stress:
stress reducing diet
Green vegetables rich in potassium and magnesium will keep the blood pressure low and balance the body’s stress hormone cortisol.
Omega-3 fatty acid found in some fish like salmon, tuna and sardines will improve helps to cholesterol level under control.
Carbohydrates boost energy and trigger the brain to release serotonin to produce a feel good feeling.
It is believed that consumption of dark chocolate lowers the level of stress hormone.
When stressed and hungry eat nuts and yogurt rich in zinc, vitamins and germ killing element like lactobacillus.
Include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet to maintain prime health, which in turn will ease stress and tension.