Arthritis is a disease that can occur at any age. Generally, it affects any joint with variable intensity. The inflammation of joints causes pain, stiffness, swelling and restricted movements. In most cases, there is a deterioration of soft tissues that cover and protect the joints. In some cases, excess uric acid is the cause. Also, too much body weight and unhealthy lifestyle may lead to a form of arthritis. A healthy diet is very important for arthritis.
So far we are not aware of the complete remedy of arthritis through prescription medicines, though there are medicines to give temporary relief during extreme conditions. Tests carried out at yoga therapy centers around the world show remarkable results in bringing under control and in some cases even curing arthritis. Though it is a gradual process, yoga-meditation, particularly the breathing exercises, if done regularly it could be the solution to arthritis.
More and more doctors and medical practitioners are coming to acknowledge the role of yoga meditation in curing or managing arthritis. It is an established fact that mind plays an important role in any physical condition, thus it is very obvious and a proven fact that by calming the mind half the battle is won in preventing and curing arthritis.
Regular practice of yoga postures, pranayama or breathing exercises and meditation, calms down and gives strength to the body and mind. Most sufferers feel great relief and are able to manage their affliction, as their fear and anxieties virtually disappear.
Yoga has a stabilizing effect on the body’s immune system. It has been proved that regular practice of yoga meditation increases tolerance to infection and improves the respiratory, digestive and blood circulatory system. After a certain period, the patient is able to manage his arthritis better and feels that he is on the way to complete recovery.
Yoga meditation, by reducing anxiety gives the patient access to their own internal experience and helps them to ascertain the exact cause of the ailment and what causes the condition to worsen, which comes more and more through self-awareness. Yoga meditation not only increases self-awareness, but it also regulates breathing patterns and improves lung function.
The quality and variety of food intake have a direct effect on the disease. Healthy Arthritis diet consisting of, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, unsaturated fat and bio yogurts should constitute a major part of the diet. Least quantity of carbohydrate and animal protein and very little sugar and salt should be consumed by arthritis sufferers.
Thus, to sum up, eat pure and simple food, do gentle yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises for a minimum 20 minutes every day and do positive thinking about gradual improvement of your health and give up worrying. There is no reason why your affliction should not become manageable and eventually be cured.